Social / Evening Meal


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Very nice, for a conference dinner!

The food for the conference was amazing and the bar was nice to stand around and chat with people. With or without the beer!

Excellent food (even for vegetarians!), good drinks and lots of fun. Very well organized social event!

Great food, great beer, great company, and more importantly, Guitar Hero! Loads of fun all round!

Very well organised, I liked it a lot!

Great food and beer, and the atmosphere was great all night.

Good food, beer, and a great atmosphere through out the night.

Rich Sage at 17:54 on 6 Oct 2013

Food was great, as was the bar. And naturally great company to socialise with!

Great evening, loved the food and the people. A bit disappointed with MCC for running out of beers at the bar rather quickly.

Really good food. It was a shame that a lot of the beers ran out but otherwise the bar was great as usual.
Thanks to Andy and Jenny and everyone else who organised games and activities.
The phpnw social is always great!

Good food, and who can argue with free beer - especially with so much choice.

Great as usual. I always said that PHPNW has the best catering. Great food, free beer a lot of time to socialise and relax afterwards.

There is nothing I would change about it!

Nice food, though my own food allergy limited choice.
I'm guessing that I was the only person there with a spinach allergy as the curry was full of it despite being asked to fill in a food questionnaire before the event.

Food was great! And this venue for the social was BRILLIANT. Everyone could do what they felt like, in a quiete area or a more busy area which means perfect perfect perfect! Thanks I had an amazing time :)

Pretty good food, but the amount of free booze was the highlight. Where other conferences skimp, PHPNW deliver. Top job!