Unbreakable Domain Models


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Started off slow but it all came together towards the end

Good code examples

Great tips for complex business rules scenarios.

It was very good of Mathias to keep it framework agnostic

Good talk

Really enjoyed this talk. It’s in a weird way good to see code you would normally write displayed on the screen, only to be told there’s a better way. I’ll be looking to implement some of the ideas conveyed in this talk back into my own code.

Amazing concept of marrying the business rules with the code at a more visible level.

Great talk, great to think about some alternative to the way we've always done things, even if a little heavy for my fuzzy Sunday head!

Speaker seemed quite nervous. Talk was nice but leaned a bit too much toward an Java EE feel for my taste (*everything* must be an object)

Some of the stuff at the start seemed obvious to me (invariant protection) but I'd not come across the concept of specification classes and I was thrilled to learn something new that's so simple and easy to implement.

I almost asked whether there was a noticeable overhead with instantiating so many objects (value objects, specification objects, etc) but my learned colleague pointed out that this is no longer a big issue with PHP 5.5 so it might be worth mentioning that.

After Ross's talk I had some expectations here, and I was bit disappointed. The talk was good, don;t get me wrong, well delivered with things to take back, just was very excited about DDD and was hoping to hear more about it.

For the future, take it a bit more slowly, with better examples or real world application.

Well delivered. Specification classes are a great idea.