What Symfony Components Can Do For You


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This was a code heavy session (which is a good thing) and I liked the way in which the code was distributed to the group. It was clear what was going on and I was able to work through the tasks given. My only issue was that the needed namespaces at the top of the files got a bit forgotten at times, which left some people (including me) a bit lost.

Nice step-by-step tutorial on how you can migrate legacy code to symfony2. Simple example, perfect for the time at hand.

Was a really great tutorial, although beginning setup was a little confusing, when actually the guy was really well prepared. I thought the coding example was really good went very smoothly and I'm hoping to use the info to get Symfony into my legacy code!


Great session on how to use the Symfony 2 tool set to wrap up legacy code into best practices. My only issue with the afternoon was trying to rush out code that may only be on the screen for a few seconds as Andreas would move to another part to continue the talk.

A finished version in the Git repo, or a final copy to work from so that the code on screen wasn't required to be up as long would have helped.

Apart from that, it was really well delivered and Andreas was a great instructor.

Good tutorial, but I would have liked to see wider use of more components - I felt like the tutorial was too focused on compartmentalising the legacy code.

As I said in person, perhaps in future have a handout listing the 'use' namespace statements, as I saw so many people struggling to keep up with which components where from which path in the hierarchy.

Generally well delivered overall, it's clear you know your topic.