Wrangle Cross-cutting Concerns with Event Driven Programming


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good talk. Simple demo/example worked well.

Good overview of using events and event-driven development, mentioning both the pro's and the cons of using events from different points of view. It did run a bit short, but given the amount of information that was thrown at us in such a short time, that was not a bad thing at all.

Useful talk. Nice to hear from someone from the trenches

Could do with a few more examples though, preferably real world ones.

Speaker wasn't that engaging, but to his credit it was an interesting talk with easy to follow examples. Bit short considering the allocated time but content that was there was very good.

The talk was interesting. Fonts and images could be way bigger.

Really interesting topic, and useful demo. The framework summary could be expanded a little, or maybe more time given to the pro's and con's discussion. As the talk ran under it could certainly be padded a little.

It was great to hear from someone actually using this style of development in anger and clear pros and cons for using event driven development.

There was some good information in this talk, clearly forged from real world experience. Given that there was time to spare, I would have liked to see the example expanded to more fully decouple the plugins from the cart, but Chris gave a good explanation afterwards.

Great talk. Given me a few ideas and inspiration

Good but the speaker could have been more enthusiastic!

Really enjoyed the talk. The content, use cases and examples really helped express evolving a code base to a more event driven architecture. Glad to see someone using this in the wild with PHP and giving a talk about their experiences. I also though the Q&A at the end was good such as best patterns when dealing with exceptions.

Interesting talk! Speaker really knew what he was talking about. Code examples where incomplete sometimes, having you guess where certain things came from.

Good talk overall, didn't break any new ground but made me consider using events more frequently. The speaker was a little monotone and lacking enthusiasm but he did say he had just stepped off a flight so it may just have been that.

Good talk, gave new insights/ideas even on a topic which isn't all that new. I loved how the disadvantages were fairly stressed and the cart example was a perfect illustration for the whole idea.

Thought the talk was interesting but the speaker needs to work on presenting a little, could have been more engaging

Very interesting talk.

Would have been interested in more detailed Framework specific examples, and how certain frameworks have event listener capabilities in their core functionality.

A lot of interesting food for thought, I will be looking more into events when developing future solutions.

Presenter made his points well, but would of liked to of seen a bit more enthusiasm.

Dropped directly from an intercontinental flight, straight into a conference room and giving this talk; I think Chris did a damn decent job!

Great content with a good explanation of the (dis)advantages of event driven programming from practical experience. I got some value insights I would have had to find out the hard way, otherwise.

Anonymous at 17:13 on 7 Oct 2013

I'm a huge advocate of event-driven systems like this so this was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to see. A (recorded as) live demo would have driven the point home a bit harder.

Very nice talk, I actually quite enjoyed it. Good examples of event programming will plenty of stuff to take back. Well delivered, the only thing I would improve would be to not so much to focus on the slides and treat them more as a background/helper.

Great content, with plenty of good examples crammed in despite it running a little short. The speaker seemed subdued, probably through no fault of his own as a result of the late flight/arrival. It did prevent the talk being quite as engaging as it could've been though.

Cart illustration was ideal.
Clear explanations of pros / cons.
Interesting and enjoyable.

Really liked your talk. Good example with very good high-level background information explaining the reasons behind your choices. Inspirational, like all of the best talks!