Your (coding) standards matter


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A bit of a slow start (nerves?) but got into his groove and the talk became very informative and entertaining.

Wow! Funniest talk on this conference so far, hilarious! Also learnt several things about tools, thanks! :)

Well presented. Engaging. Good content. Good tools. thanks !

informative and amusing as well, really enjoyed this talk.

Brilliant, funny and informative.

Very entertaining, great content.

Very entertaining and informative. Thanks for the tool. We use it already.

Anonymous at 16:11 on 5 Oct 2013

Enjoyable talk, well delivered.

Never easy taking the slot after lunch, and on something like coding standards, it could have gone horribly wrong.

It didn't.

Lots of dry humour, lots of poking fun at the community (we deserve it), and getting the point across while keeping the energy going in the room. It was paced well, and a few techniques will be stolen and added to my list for the future.

Very nice, very entertaining. Would love the slides though to look over again.

Fantastic talk, practical, pragmatic, and very funny. And the development of the code standards generator tool looks like a huge gift to php.

Funny, loads of content, and I will be looking at this with my devs next week, so a result I'd say!

An informative, funny and well put together talk.

Excellent talk, humorous, informative and engaging. A talk on coding standards could have been a pretty dry topic, but Volker's delivery avoided that and made for a great session.


Volker is a very good speaker and this talk wasn't an exception. Best talk of PHPNW13 as far as I'm concerned.

An excellent session. I have to agree with others about Volker being a very good speaker, his delivery being a good mix of homour, informative and practical advice.

Excellent talk, learned some new things, Volker is an excellent speaker although had a slow start.

Volker is an absolutely amazing speaker. Witnessing him bringing something so dull to life with his presenting skills was just awesome. keep it up!

A highly entertaining talk, with lots of good information.

Was great to have opinion put across (such as on PSR topics) in a way which was amusing and avoided going into long rants.

The standards tool generator looks great and should be useful as we try and follow standards a little more strictly within our team.

Funny as ever.

Great to hear someone tell you should make these standards work for you, and not you work for them.

Took away a lot of information and ideas on how to implement this personally.

Great talk and engaging presentation. Lots of good content and Volker was really funny when he got into his stride.

Very entertaining and informative talk, definitely kept me engaged throughout.

Volker and topics like Clean Code or Coding Standards always make the perfect match. Just the right talk to thwart the post-lunch comma.

A very entertaining talk on what could have been a dull topic. I've taken a lot away from this, installed PHPLOC this morning and am planning on getting another tool (PHPMD, PHPCS) setup each day for a quick win. Looking forward to hopefully seeing another talk of yours in the future Volker.

Fantastic talk; a pragmatic and mature discussion of coding standards. Particularly liked the emphasis on things other than simple syntax matters such as where the spaces/curly brackets go! I'll definitely be checking out the PHP Mess Detector and Volker's standards generator. Best of all the talk was hilarious! :)

Anonymous at 15:51 on 8 Oct 2013

Volker was hilarious and has a great deadpan comedy style.

This topic interests me anyway and so I'm an easy sell, but Volker really gave a great introduction and overview to the whole topic here.

Practical and informative.

Volker looked at the phpcs and phpmd tools as well as the PSR standards and talked about what the standards mean and what bits of them are important. It was all delivered with humour and clear experience of really trying to understand and actually work with these standards. Really good talk.

One of the best talks of the conference - I always love hearing Volker speak, and I'm a huge advocate of coding standards so was great to hear what he had to say on the matter, and how to deal with setting standards to go by in your company.

As always Volker managed to crack a few jokes in the way only English speaking Germans can. A very enjoyable and intriguing talk!

One of the most captivating speakers at the conference, and raised some great points.

Really enjoyed both of Volker's talks - but this one more than the other. Another very funny guy and some very good points. I like that he wasn't too prescriptive. As long as your team all stick to the same thing it's not a huge problem if you're not 100% conforming to PSR!

Good interaction with the audience and good humour, made a topic that can be quite boring actually really enjoyable. Thanks for the talk Volker!