Your user stories are bad and you should feel bad


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very informative talk, learned quite a bit

Great presentation

Great slides, nice to tips

It would have been cool if he could have brought out one ore two real examples from his own experience

good talk, speaker didn't even have an obvious hangover, unlike me!

Great talk and speaker to start things off today. Bit of humour kept things light and easy to follow. Cheers for the lucozade!

Great talk and speaker to start the day. Wonderful amount of humour and very informative

Loved the talk and the delivery. You should rename it to something more friendly though. I bet "The Three Little Piggies' User Stories" would draw crowds :-)

Sunday at 9 is not a great slot after a social the previous evening, but John was witty and engaging throughout, and managed to be what could be a rather dry and fluffy subject entertaining and practical. Excellent talk.

Anonymous at 15:39 on 6 Oct 2013

As others have said, tough slot but great talk. Very entertaining and a lot of fun. If I had any criticism it might be that the middle of the talk could be edited or tightened up so there could be more user story examples at the end, as they were very helpful. Still, very enjoyable, maybe my favorite of the conference.

Very well delivered and enjoyable, especially for the hang-over slot. Definitely something I will be looking at how to implement at work.

Maybe some more example of bad user stories, or what to do if a client is difficult to the point they won't participate in the process.

Rich Sage at 17:56 on 6 Oct 2013

Very well presented and you obviously know your stuff - from textbook "this is how it should happen" through to "this is how it normally happens in the real world"! Definitely some great tips taken away from this that I can apply at work now :)

Great subject delivered by a great speaker. Very clean delivery and easy to follow.

Being hyper critical: spotted only a couple of slip ups but nothing critical to the information being conveyed.

Overall, very engaging and very informative. Top marks!

Very much enjoyed this one. Nice bits of humour to hold it all together and keep it light whilst delivering genuinely useful tips. I've worked with agile and user stories but was unfamiliar with INVEST so that was good to learn about.

Hangover slot handled perfectly! The talk was interesting, informative and realistic, got to learn a few new ideas about user stories.
I must admit from the title I was expecting more of the "most people do this part wrong and it should be done like this instead" kind of talk, but what I got did not disappoint either.

I've rounded up to 5, it would have been an outright 5 had you done the Father Ted voice when the audio didn't work.

Full disclosure, I'm on the team that John has just moved on from and he introduced User Stories to us, but even so there were things that I picked up and I think my stories will be better for going along. Great talk.

Nice delivery style to this topic, enjoyed the content too - well rounded presentation, something for everyone.

Only slight criticisms, don't walk in front of your slides as much & test the audio from laptop output before the session.

Interesting talk, well delivered and engaging. Learnt a few things, laughed a few times. Overall - positive experience.

Well delivered talk and really engaging. Loved the trick questions and the slides.

Just what was needed to start the day; very informative, but not too heavy and with plenty of humour.