FirefoxOS - Boot to Gecko


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Nothing really wrong with the talk itself, the Martin was obviously passionate about the subject and presented it well with good slides.

Personally it didn't really hold my attention.

I get how it relates to open source in general, but there was nothing really related to PHP aside from that common fact.

I don't think the talk was well matched to the audience. Sorry.

Potentially an interesting talk to those who already had an interest in the topic itself. No criticism of Martin's presentation, but it wasn't for me.

I suppose it was perfectly valid material for the unconference track; but (as a disinterested viewer) it didn't persuade me that I should take any interest in FirefoxOS.

Speaker was passionate but the pace and speaking style left me uninterested. A lot of reading from the slides.

As an unconference talk it worked well, good starter talk.

It's too bad I didn't get my actual message across, we're all already mainly web application developers. So the things we do can be ported to an actual device with a minimum of effort.

And yes... the API's are nice, expect to have an increasingly lot more data once the WebAPI's are getting standardized (that was actually my second message).

But the feedback helps; I concluded that if I do this talk in a PHP setting that I need to focus on the possibilities behind the platform, not the actual platform.

A good talk, but not something that was hugely interesting to me personally. I can see the possible benefit to other attendees though.