Fork it! Parallel processing in PHP


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Anonymous at 11:52 on 7 Oct 2012

Confident clear speaker, a very interesting topic - however I presentation left a lot to be desired. Too much time at the start focusing on forking in general, lots of code (a good thing) however the code was completely un-readable. I am however looking forward to reading the slides later, to read all of the code I missed.

Unreadable code and lots of erms.
Good slides though overall, and a visual demo at the end.

Very entertaining presentation on a subject I was not expecting a lot from! Slides definitely could have been clearer for code, but good to see so much on github, really enjoyed the talk.

Took a while to get going, and spent a long time on the basics of forking. Not terribly php-specific. Did what it said on the tin, but not terribly useful for most people I think.

I actually liked the first part. The talk would benefit from tightening up and moving through the slides a bit faster. Speaker was competent and subtly funny.

A really good introduction to the concepts of forking in PHP. Not much beyond the basics (could have used some more real-world use-cases)...

Good talk, good talker, but some of the slides were a bit unreadable.

Anonymous at 18:58 on 7 Oct 2012

The code box on the slides where there's a code box half on top of a background picture could be a lot bigger. In fact probably the code box should fill the whole slide?!

I feel like the number of slides needs to be reduced, the time per slide reduced and the talking speed needs to slow down a bit. It was a lot to handle in 50 minutes.

Interesting - if niche* - topic. Thanks.


A non-trivial topic (I used to find it difficult to teach to undergrads) - well handled by a novice speaker. Cons: Not much eye contact with the audience, and rather hesitant delivery, lots of (too many) slides (some good, some a bit lacking). Pros: always good to watch an enthusiast at work, very entertaining. Shame we didn't get to see the details of the Mandlebrot app.

i enjoyed this talk, helped me understand where i had been going wrong when trying to do parallel processing.
shame it ran over, i had to leave before the end

Good introduction to parallel programming. The code was a little hard to follow, and one part seemed to be missing from the talk: when the fork takes place, where do the parent and child processes run from in the code (the start, or the next line?).

Timing was also an issue, the talk ran over and there appeared to be a full section on the Mandelbrot that was missed.

The topic and content were good, just the presentation needs refining for it's next outing.

Very interesting topic. Could do with more readable slides, though.

Good talk on a neglected topic. Particularly liked the parts about the pcntl extension and managing threads from within PHP itself. Yet another thing the conference has whetted my appetite about!

Nathaniel: I think you make a good and engaging speaker, although you seemed to briefly lose your footing about two thirds of the way in, and the talk became a little confused and umm-and-ahhy momentarily. During that time I noticed you didn't engage the audience with eye-contact. It might have helped to have taken a deep breath and tried to just get back on a human level with us all? I'm sure such brief lapses are par for the course though, and you recovered well. Overall a good strong talk, thank you.

Some very interesting stuff in the talk - the potential for the technology is great, though as Nat explained, it's still in a very nascent state and has a long way to go yet.

That aside, I'm sure most people in the room went away thinking of ways they could incorporate this tech into current projects. A great smattering of humour helped everything to flow well. Good job!

Very interesting introduction to forking. It was a pity that it seemed to skip a part, but I'm looking forward to reading back though the slides and having a go myself.

Good talk overall, I found most of the first half a bit too slow/basic - although it was explained well. Perhaps there could have been references provided to online guides about the basics of forking for those not familiar, and a bit more PHP specific stuff covered during the talk.

The speaker seemed a bit nervous at times but still delivered the talk very well.