Practical Date/Time Handling with PHP


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Great talk from Derick, covering all of the ways we *should* be working with date and time. Engaging speaker, good content!

Always enjoy Derick's style of delivery. I particularly enjoyed the bit where he whipped out vim and added further examples to that weird thing he uses for slides.

A great presentation covering the different ways that PHP has evolved and how developers should be implementing date / time within our systems. I will definitely be revisiting my own systems to make use of these improvements.

As usual, really enjoyed this presentation, and wasn't aware of all the complexities surrounding time zones. I do now!

Very useful, learnt loads. I liked the background and explanation of the complexities behind things.

A lot of what I learnt here will be useful for my day job. In particular the best way to store timestamps from different timezones in the database. Brought to light lots of other useful features I could use but wasn't aware of. Highlighting the extras you get from createFromFormat was a nice bonus, I'd never used ! or * as format parameters before as I just assumed they were the same as the ones used for date().

Material was very dense towards the end. Found myself missing out on the start of the next slide as I was processing what had just gone before it. Not a criticism, it's clearly labeled 'Advanced', and that' s what I wanted, but just trying to add something constructive if you're looking to tweak anything.

A very handy overview of Date and time in PHP.

Hey Derick,

Great talk with lots of great and useful content. You explained very well the reasons WHY people should be using DateTime stuff instead of the native procedural functions, because it stores information on the TimeZone too which is critical.

The only constructive thing I can give is that your code examples (the results) are in dark purple with black text on top which is highly unreadable. I could read the rest of your slides just fine but I couldn't see the results at all which meant I could only see half of the puzzle. My suggestion is that you use a lighter color such as #CCC or #F8F8F8.

Pleasure as always.

This was a great overview of the DateTime class that I found very useful as a user of the old school stuff. When you're very familiar with how older techniques work - and when they don't - it can be hard to find the motivation to switch to a new paradigm. Derick's talk covered all the necessary bases to make that transition painless. I've always known working with time is messy - just didn't know how messy thanks to the politics that tags along with timezones!

Interesting talk Derick, thank you! Good technical level, sprinkled with factoids that can be brought out at dinner parties.

I went into your talk with the aim of gleaning information that would be useful to me instantly, this is exactly what I got.

Personally, I loved the fact based presentation, especially for a 'stable' talk like this. It was during lunch that day when explaining to colleagues who did not attend did I realise how much information was absorbed. Thank you.

Presentation wise - clear and precise.

Slides were obviously meticulously crafted, this was apparent with your unhappiness of a live amendment bumping an extra line into a slide. Any changes were executed elegantly, the only time I can recall a slip-up was an incorrect output showing for an example - to which we were told to imagine that it was the correct answer!

Overall fantastic presentation, it was my first ever visit to a conference and for me you certainly set the bar for the impending talks.

Thank you.

Of the several talk that i attended at phpnw12 this was one of the better ones. Derick is very confident and delivers the content very well. Date and times always throw up problems and i knew it was complicated, but Derick really drove home just how complicated. One of the things i was left wondering was how i should store date in a database. Should i be storing two strings one for the datetime and one for the timezone. I would really like to see this again, was it recorded?

Even if everybody has already worked with date/time/timezones in PHP it was very interesting to get more background information. Especially the very exotic examples like switching timezones, half-hour-offsets, etc. were very exciting.
Since the background was "real world" - I would like to have more "real world" php examples. Therefore just 4 thumbs ;)

Very interesting talk Derick,

As everybody else has already mentioned it was good to get the real world background on the subject.
I got a lot from this talk and I will be adding your PHP date and time programming book to my employers book list.