Put LAMP on a diet : learn from the micro-computing revolution


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Nice little talk on something ill probably never have to do on a raspberry Pi. Might try it on my nas box instead.
Lots of stats and graphs.
Some bits of no missing from slides.

Really good fun and entertaining

Good talk, and might try some of those tests at our next raspberry jam.

Problems with the benchmarks and clear (and admitted!) bias sort of killed the buzz for me. That said, by the end of the talk I was considering setting up something on a "micro-computer" myself so I suppose something got through :)

Kudos for admitting the issues and proposing an open source approach to fix them!

Sorry for slight OT but apparently the biggest problem with Raspberry Pi is SD card io. Processes wait, take valuable ram and do nothing. Soo.. Why not try the new React project? And maybe even compare it to (please don't stone me) node.js?