Silex, the micro framework


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First Silex talk I ever saw. It gave me a very well overview what its capabilities are! Well done.

Massively Impressive stuff.

It was a good talk, but in the end it went into more technical stuff when I would have wanted to hear more about providers and anotation features for the routes.

Good talk - would have liked to spend more time on it.

Good, very informative talk for those new to the Silex framework. I perhaps would have chosen an example which more strongly demonstrates Silex's strengths and original intended use-case (small, simple, restful web services, according Igor during the Q&A).

Talk was delivered well with a sense of humour and I feel like I was given enough information to go and give Silx a try, it's now on the top of my list!

Great delivery the talk showed from the very basics of getting started to caching. Will definitely look into silex and symphony2 from which major parts of silex were developed from.