Symfony components in the wild


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Yes Jakub was nervous, but he delivered well and there was good, useful content.

Nice intro into the different components, he was obviously very nervous but eventually the message got trough.

Yes, very nervous. Very hard to deliver in a foreign language.
Too much 'er', 'um' and pauses.
The main point was often unclear.
A good first try though.

I was interested by by most of the content in this talk, and would have liked even more components discussed, but understand the time constraints. Jakub was clearly nervous, but i think he still got the information over clearly enough.

Having not used Symfony, I wasn't intending to come to this talk, but the talk I was going to attend was full.
I'm actually glad it changed! It was really useful to see how Symfony components could be used outside of Symfony and made me think about integrating bits into existing systems.
I would need to research into what components Symfony has, since I'm not familiar with it and there wasn't time to go through many in the talk, but I found it much more useful in the talk finding out how to go about using them.
I can read up on the details later in my own time and look at things specific to my needs.
Jakub came across very knowledgeable, if a little nervous about speaking for the first time, but I expect that's common on first time talks!

Jakub presented well despite being a little nervous. Great intro to Symphony, especially for those who don't want to re-factor their whole project in order to take advantage of the various components.

Hey Jakub,

Despite this obviously been your first time speaking and being in such a long and daunting room, you pulled through and delivered useful content that will inspire people to check out Symfony2 themselves.

The content of your talk was good enough and you just need to focus on your execution of talks which can only come through experience.

Good job all round.