Varnish In Action


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Great speaking and slides. Technical but still digestible in a warm room!

Great talk, enthusiastic and informative.

About as close to a perfect session as you can get. Massively useful, great speaker, just a shame it was rather warm in the room!

Great talk. Period.

Great talk, excellently presented, but the room was way too hot and crowded...

Anonymous at 18:25 on 7 Oct 2012

I feel that "what it is" needs to be explained more and also when (and when not!) to use it. Who is using it? Why? What are the benefits?

The pace was also a tad too fast.

I learned a lot from this talk, thanks.

Great speaker & talk - Varnish was new to me but this gave a great introduction even with slides full of code. Entertaining, informative, engaging and funny.

Talk was *great*, probably the best from the ones I've seen in this conference. One problem though: now I want to kill my conservative sysadmin because he won't even get into talks about varnish 3.0 because of ".0" bit in version.

Awesome talk, you're a good speaker Thijs. I finally got around to seeing you speak, which was great. Thanks for the great content! Too bad I had to stand because the room was packed (and warm!).

Hey Thijs,

Arguably the best or second best executed talk of the conference (that I went to). Your presentation skills are excellent and your use of enthusiasm, humor and delegate involvement within the talk were excellent.

The content of the talk was excellent and regardless if the viewer knew anything about varnish or not you had a lot of real-life information and examples within your talk.

I'm trying very hard to think of any constructive feedback to give but there really isn't any, so I guess that's a good thing.


Anonymous at 17:57 on 8 Oct 2012

Great talk I did cover alot of the same things as thijs talk last year. But I enjoy him as a speaker and was not disappointed that I choose this talk.

I really liked the talk. Thijs is a great speaker!