Dependency Injection and Dependency Inversion in PHP


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Great talk on the basics, always nice to go over just to see how other people approach things, James also mentioned uncle bob - so yeah, sold :)

Chris Armitage at 14:48 on 3 Oct 2015

Great talk covering a lot of technical information with some good humour thrown in. Even for experienced devs, the SOLID recap at the start was good to make sure the concepts were fresh in the mind. The slides were uncluttered and kept interest, and the intetaction between the presenter and audience keeping the energy flowing.

fast paced, but good structure and thank you for reiterating previous steps/slides/images during the presentation. good use of slides and visualising processes in different ways. it was good to follow for a dependency noob like me (:

beer! (:

David Makin at 21:30 on 3 Oct 2015

very helpful in expressing how simple the complex sounding topics of DI, solid etc. Helped me get my head around a couple of concepts with my current project. speaker was very clear and easy to follow but suffered from a lack of mic.

Ashley Hindle at 10:42 on 4 Oct 2015

Very good talk. James talk was animated, funny and interesting with lots of useful information and pictures of grumpy programmer.

Mark Railton at 16:30 on 4 Oct 2015

Enjoyed James' talk although much of it was far beyond what I'm working with. It gave some good pointers for me to follow up on at a later stage.

Anonymous at 07:32 on 5 Oct 2015

Great talk delivered in a very engaging and interesting manner. By far one of the better talks of the conference.

Really enjoyed this talk. There was a good level of background information to get everyone on the same page (SOLID etc) then going more into details on the DI side of things. It was also good to look at how DI works inside the blackbox most frameworks/libs give you and gave me a better understanding of how I can use DI better in projects I'm working on in php and other languages. Although the examples were PHP specific the talk could just as easily be applied to many other programming languages.

Removed some of the "magic" around auto dependancy injection, very clear & well presented by the speaker who clearly knew the topic.

Bob at 20:50 on 20 Dec 2015

Liked the examples, cliched term but had an "A-ha" moment from the content so that's always a bonus. Thanks