Driving Design through Examples


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Marek at 15:54 on 3 Oct 2015

Great walk through the process of doing Modelling by Example with great examples and explanations a long the way.

As always, an excellent and confident delivery. I liked the real life airline example. It made the talk very easy to follow.

A fantastic talk. Great slides, very succinct presentation, fast pace (but not too fast) and I really loved the example scenario that is easily grasped without being too simplistic that it feels artificial. It's definitely useful to have at least rudimentary experience with behat and phpspec to follow the slides. Only suggestion I have is to leave more time for discussion.

Shaun at 09:21 on 4 Oct 2015

Good talk, maybe a bit too much content for the slot but very easy to follow

Ashley Hindle at 10:45 on 4 Oct 2015

This really hit home on a few points and I talk lots of notes. Ubiquitous language makes so much sense to combat translation cost.

Matt Brunt at 18:29 on 4 Oct 2015

As ever, seeing an example of the process of going through actually designing a domain is so helpful. Ciaran explains things in such a clear, concise and straightforward way that it's easy to grasp even more advanced practices.

As others have said, very good, very clear, examples at the right level of complexity (i.e. not so oversimplified that you end up feeling 'nice idea in theory').

I found the last bits about when to use this technique extremely helpful. Sometimes testing talks come across as 'this is the one true way, you must always do this' - which is not my experience of using different testing approaches. Making explicit the trade-offs, and drawing on experience of when it does make sense, was very helpful.


I was always slightly confused about how you integrate Behat and PHPSpec together. I could see that they each had their own approaches but it didn't make sense to me. Ciaran cleared that right up with a great set of examples and slides.

Great explanation of how to work effectively with BDD/DDD. Inspired to try this out at work now. Already downloaded and played around with Behat over the weekend :-) Ciaran's delivery was also well paced and easy to understand. A good presenter.

Note: I was running low on energy while attending this talk, so i might have missed something.

Good talk, definitely something to look into to actually start using.

I did feel like trying to cram the basic principles of both BDD and DDD into a 50 min slot was a bit too much, but maybe that's just because my prior knowledge of the two wasn't up to par.

Great intro into how BDD, DDD work from a project management as well as a technical perspective. Ciaran gave good examples of how to get the requirements and then turn them into the Behat and PHPSpec code.

Ciaran's delivery was clear, confident and I found the pace just right. If you're interested in these technologies and want to see how to apply them (and when not to), this talk is definitely for you.

Really interesting approach - I'd love to start implementing this in future projects.

Andrew Smith at 09:47 on 8 Oct 2015

Great talk, great delivery by examples. It got me thinking more about using Behat in my work and writing better code.

I enjoyed this talk a lot. I think it follows on from Konstantine's other presentations on Modelling by Example, which I had already tried to put into practice. Because of this, the first half was a bit slow for me, but would be a good clear introduction to others.
I particularly appreciated the end half when giving examples of the code evolving and being refactored into examples. Everyone writing code today should be aware of this concept of working, albeit not necessarily worth the work for small throwaway style projects.