Hello, PSR-7.


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Very clear and well presented.

Mark Railton at 16:34 on 4 Oct 2015

Great overview on not just what to expect with PSR-7 but also the back story in it and how it became to be.

well presented and interesting to hear how PSR7 has gotten to where it is and why

Matt Brunt at 18:27 on 4 Oct 2015

Loved the history explanation behind PSR-7 and how it brought together so many people to make it work. Great presentation showing who's adopted it and how.

Rich Sage at 09:36 on 5 Oct 2015

Great presentation; I'd heard of PSR 7 before but hadn't really looked at what it was about. Very well presented and to the point.

Good background on PSR-7, lots of rational points on why this PSR is helpful and highlighting some of the libraries that are supporting the standard. I also thought the talk was particularly honest about the current limitations of the standard (no client etc) which I appreciated. Thanks Beau :)

Great talk, well presented, flowed very well with a bit of the history around it too.

Anonymous at 16:15 on 6 Oct 2015

Great talk, well presented and thought out.

The hand drawn diagrams are a very nice touch.

For code examples it would be nice to have some syntax highlighting to make them clearer and allow us to read them faster.

A very good and detailed talk about one of the cornerstones of any framework. Thanks.

Andrew Smith at 09:49 on 8 Oct 2015

Great talk on PSR7, talking about how it came about and how it evolved over time, up to the final product we have today. The speaker was very clear and had provided sufficient information on what PSR7 is and is intended to do.