How to Migrate Anything with DDD


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Marek at 14:51 on 3 Oct 2015

Not sure what DDD had to do with migrations... talk was basically a presentation of de-coupled migration framework. Mis-sell. Well delivered though, very informative - the baleen migration looks very interesting.

Yeah the DDD thing wasn't really there. But and the CLI look interesting anyway, and it comes across as something to have confidence in.

You're right about that! Next time I'll make sure I change the title to something more appropriate if there's not enough time to dive deeper into how DDD affected the architecture of the project.

Thanks for your encouraging feedback!

Apart from the title, the talk was actually really good.
Wasn't aware there were that many different migration tools in the ecosystem. I think this talk would have been really good as a tutorial session. Might worth to apply for one next time :)

Andrew Smith at 09:43 on 8 Oct 2015

The talk title was misleading, this felt like a talk that should have been a bit longer as there was nothing in it about DDD. I however was able to talk to the speaker after the talk and realised it was a shorter version of a longer talk which had more information. Would love to see a full talk on this.