One Extension, Three Engines


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Martyn Ranyard at 11:47 on 3 Oct 2015

good talk as always

Great talk - literally the only thing I'd like is to have a shorter "history of mongo(db) extension", and longer on the technical implementations, but that's my personal preference :)

good talk, felt complete and good to follow, sometimes a bit much text on slides but it was summarised verbally. distinguishing between platforms and versions was very useful, good to see the progress being made. thank you also for putting the slides online!

Shaun at 09:08 on 4 Oct 2015

Great talk, looking forward to playing with the new extension - I liked the comparison examples , felt would benefit from a basic description of each new object

Matt Brunt at 18:31 on 4 Oct 2015

Great talk, seeing the comparison between the different engines gave a real insight into what it takes to support an extension like this. Perhaps a little less time spent on the history would have been good.

Good talk! Can't say anything bad. James say's that there was too much "history". However I really liked that it was covered from early days. Now I have complete picture of how things were at the beginning how they started to evolve and how you landed on the design you have now. Really cool!

This was interesting. A lot of talk about things I don't really know anything about; MongoDB, HHVM, PHP extensions.
I'm not sure you really made it clear why you decided to make the HHVM extension totally separate from the PHP ones.