phpBB, Meet Symfony


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Very enthusiastic and knowledgable. Even though I'm not involved with PHPBB it's an interesting case study. Slides were a little scrappy and the speaking seemed rushed at times - I think more prep might have helped; Michael said he'd buy a beer for people who gave constructive criticism ;-P

I'm tempted to just give a 4-thumbs rating and not giving any constructive feedback ;)

But seriously: I love case studies of projects (open source or corporate) migrating to frameworks to see what challenges they run into, and given my previous involvement with phpBB, this was especially interesting. Michael did a good job explaining the challenges and showing examples.

My main constructive criticism would be that at some moments the pace was too high, making it a bit harder to follow. I've suffered from this a lot in my talks as well, and it's really hard to prevent, but try and speak more slowly (have a look at how Lorna Mitchell is doing that. She is awesome at this).

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04.Oct.2015 at 11:59 by Sandra (10 comments) Private

talking was a little rushed but did seem there was enough to cover in the timeslot, good timing and engaging talk

seemed like the presentation could have done with review ('this is really old'), loved the images vs text on slides and the 'guess what component this is' (:

interesting topic, concepts applicable to other situations, awesome to follow how symfony was applied and how various quirks ('features') of different components were solved/implemented

good humour and well done on the questions

Dave Jennings at 15:56 on 4 Oct 2015

Haven't used phpbb in about 10 years, it was a nice trip down memory lane and interesting to see how you'd integrated symfony components and other libraries. Whilst your talk style did seem a little fast paced at times you were also very engaging which went down well on a second day talk.

Apologies for disturbing things, had an emergency come up and had to duck out of the room early.

Anonymous at 22:08 on 4 Oct 2015

Good talk

Rich Sage at 09:39 on 5 Oct 2015

Very interesting (and not just because my face was on the slides at the end!) - I always like hearing talks that show evolution of projects and how those techniques can be applied to your own. As others have mentioned, it was a little fast-paced at times, but your enthusiasm for the project and the changes clearly shone through :-)

One note for the future - I was sat at the front and at times, the code segments were hard to read for me because they were quite long at points. Maybe reduce the amount of lines down and/or reformat the code to highlight the point you're making.

Talk was a little scrappy, but great content delivered in a refreshing style. Was great to hear about how phpBB is using Symfony and how everyone needs to challenge their preconceived ideas about software projects. I admit I was in that camp and had assumed phpBB was still poorly coded and am very glad to learn about the excellent improvements the team are working on.

Also, great to hear how OS projects are using other tools. The theme of using the best tool of the job (framework components, PSR-7, middleware, etc) ran through various talks at PHPNW. Nice to see it in practise!

Interesting to see how a project like phpBB is using Symfony to slowly migrate piece by piece to a better code base. As my opinion of phpBB was mostly based on 2.x and it's security related issues, it nice to see a case study on how such a large codebase can by migrated to something better.

4-thumbs as i do feel the prep could have slightly better (a review of the slides) and would have liked a more uniform way of presenting the code instead of screenshots cropped in different ways.