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Great subject. However, it felt like trying to cram a lot of information into a lightning talk.
The material was good, but this talk would have been better in a full talk.

Paul Gregory at 14:37 on 3 Oct 2015

Wasn't mad keen on the usefulness of the characteristics graphs; felt like an over-simplification used to sell the idea to management, and time would have been better on the meat later on. But a very interesting piece of work; a practical real-world implementation of what is I feel the future of PHP.

Marek at 14:45 on 3 Oct 2015

Good explanation to what PPI framework is, delivery was a affected by the fact Paul tried to squeeze the full 1h talk into 25minutes slot. I'd recommend having a shorter, less marketing focused presentation for technical conference.

Dean Howe at 14:49 on 3 Oct 2015

Good talk. Will be looking into PPI (such a shame about the choice of name).

Andrew Smith at 09:41 on 8 Oct 2015

The talk was ok, but felt like too much information for the time slot allocated.