Ways To Measure Your ORM's Cost


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Really useful information - shame that we (the audience) dragged the first part out so the rest was a little rushed, but some really strong points on why/how to measure ORM performance.

Really enjoyable, great audience participation and some really useful tips.

You have a very engaging style - somehow gentle but not patronising - I wonder if that explained the (welcome) level of audience participation.

I think I was expecting it to look more at 'look at this crazy thing ORM x does in this piece of code!!' - I was glad it wasn't. It was good to take a step back from the ORM, to look at the whole system, and to get into things like IOPS and different disk types. There was an awful lot that was applicable and useful to anyone not using an ORM.

As to immediately actionable: I think I'll start looking at some of my IOPS numbers again, with a better idea of what they mean.

this was a great talk. will defiantly be using these techniques. really easy to follow. great conversations with the audience.

This talk was really well thought through, everything was covered in a logical and easy to follow manner. The style was spot on, I was a little concerned when it started with IOPS that some of it might be a bit over my head but it was really informative, made few assumptions on what the audience new and I left feeling I'd really learnt a lot. Thanks Stuart