Are you a good Code Scout


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Anonymous at 09:21 on 4 Oct 2015

Thought provoking last minute talk by Matt. Content was clearly laid out and talk was well structured. Even though it ran short I don't feel like the speaker talked too fast. Also nerves weren't obvious! Thanks for the talk!

Interesting and valuable topic, timing issues were evident so I knocked a mark off but understandable considering the amount of time Matt had to prepare

bit short but interesting topic
great pointers and usable concrete examples
good use of the space and props, interactive and engaging

Enjoyed seeing the parallels that Matt drew between developers and the scouts. Good job, especially given the unexpected nature of it! Think I simply enjoyed seeing his passion for the scouts - it's a great thing to see.

Really engaging talk, Matt sure knows how to put on a show! His enthusiasm for both scouting and developers was refreshing and impressive considering it was 9am! Looking forward to earning myself a code scout badge!