This talk aims to be a fun, somewhat opinionated insight into the way that I've found success with testing. I'll share some of my most frequently used tips and tricks which have helped me to improve how I tackle writing automated tests. From tweaking your workflow, to the way that you actually execute your tests. I'll share real-life insights into my own daily workflow, and provide examples of how these tips have helped me to write better tests, stay focused, improve stakeholder communication, save time, and write less - but significantly better code. Whether you're new to testing, or have Uncle Bob on speed dial - you'll learn something new from my 12 tips.


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Chris Emerson at 16:42 on 1 Oct 2017

Well presented tips on testing - some a bit controversial but this was to be expected! Certainly some things I can put into practice in the future, thanks :)

Paul at 23:22 on 1 Oct 2017

Really enjoyed this talk. Packed with well explained, practical tips that have inspired me to try and make testing part of my daily workflow and less of an afterthought. Thanks!

Mike Lehan at 09:31 on 2 Oct 2017

Wasn't going to return for Sunday due to scheduling conflicts but this talk made me glad I did. Very clear explanations, well paced with something for newbies and seasoned testers. PHPUnit examples were good; from my experiences at conferences 5 years ago as a junior with no idea of testing I think a couple minutes on the basics - what's PHPUnit, what's an assert - would have opened the talk up to every level of developer knowledge.

Thomas Dutrion at 10:07 on 2 Oct 2017

I did like the controversial aspect of adding Laravel at the end! The one star I removed is because while most PHP devs in a conference probably use PHPStorm, I did found the first part a bit too coupled to it, and I would have loved to see IDE/editor agnostic solutions.
Maybe a sort of live demo at some point would be nice, because... wait for the non-critical critique... the talk is too well rehearsed and polished for me with the smooth demo integrated in the slides :)

Dave Liddament at 20:28 on 2 Oct 2017

Good talk. Amo did a great job of engaging the audience, no mean feat after Saturday night's entertainment.

I liked the fact that there were takeways that could be applied immediately. I learned a few more PHPStorm tips (always good) and also liked the HTML report for tests.

Some good Q&A at the end too.

Martin Price at 21:40 on 2 Oct 2017

Very well delivered talk in all aspects, having good pacing and clear points with examples and some live coding that went (impressively) without a hitch.

I found some of the points a bit dry; some felt like they were just pointing out a useful feature of the IDE, and others were indeed controversial, but I respect that you put them out there as your opinion.

Ronald D. at 12:23 on 3 Oct 2017

Good tips and very well presented!