PHP was never designed for long running processes and this causes problems for the modern world of programming where developers want to consume streams of data in realtime. HTTP/2 solves some problems with Server-Sent Events but it still does not solve the problem of efficient bidirectional communication. In this tutorial you will learn about Event-Driven Programming and how to create the foundations of a WebSocket application with React. Then we will move onto more advanced concepts such as removing blocking code with AMQP leading to the creation of a scalable and distributed WebSocket architecture built with PHP and associated technologies.


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Ben Mallinson at 11:52 on 30 Sep 2017

Really good talk / tutorial session. James covered a lot of concepts and technologies in a short amount of time as well as being very friendly and answering all questions concisely.

Only criticism is that at some times it was a bit too fast for someone with no previous experience of web sockets, but being provided with all of the exercises will allow me to catch up at a later date.

Would also be good to be provided with the docker instance before the session to avoid the ~20 minute download.