Chatbots are rapidly gaining in popularity; changing the way in which users engage with organisations online. I'm going to talk about how you would get started writing a bot in PHP using Botman, and how to harness the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing.


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Ian Smith at 11:01 on 1 Oct 2017

Brilliant talk, great little demo, very informative, got loads of ideas to try as a chatbot now!

Tom Williamson at 11:21 on 1 Oct 2017

Great intro to chatbots with lots of PHP examples, I now have lots of ideas that I want to try out!

Great talk! Really liked how accessible and applicable Katy made it. All the code examples and demos were really good.

If possible I would have loved to see some more complex examples (e.g. user responses spread across multiple messages, or even how we might use machine learning / AI to respond to queries that we haven't explicitly anticipated.)

Excited to give it a go myself now!

Great talk, great demos, great examples and easy to follow. Thanks a lot.

Luke Marlow at 09:49 on 2 Oct 2017

Great talk and one of the most enjoyable to listen to and watch.

As a speaker, Katy is very good at it.

As a subject, it was fun and something that excited me to play with.

Thank you, Katy.

Iain Fogg at 07:50 on 3 Oct 2017

Delivered just what the description said it would - very well pitched intro talk to chatbots which left us in little doubt what we could do next to get up and running ourselves. Excited to give it a try!

Nicole at 17:14 on 3 Oct 2017

Great talk, well delivered. Really enjoyed this talk - made me want to go and try it myself.

Erik Smit at 17:08 on 8 Oct 2017

Great talk. Nice subject and very well presented. I'm inspired to look further into chatbots.