Passwords are bad. We all know it, but we also know you're not going to build a service that doesn't use them - not if you like paying the rent. However, we can do a lot better. We'll take a whirlwind tour through the aspects of connecting people to your service, from generating passwords, not using passwords at all, creating users with one tap, identity providers, automatic cross-device sign-in, and password managers. Sign-in should be simple.


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Ian Smith at 11:37 on 30 Sep 2017

Funny and informative will get on with the first part of my homework soon!

David Carr at 13:13 on 30 Sep 2017

I found this talk highly entertaining and thought-provoking, I'm now looking to implement credential management into my apps! The pace was fast but not too fast and the humor was done well!

Overall really informative!

Ben Longden at 17:49 on 30 Sep 2017

Passwords are super annoying. Just having to login to annoyed me. Kill em all.

Entertaining and plenty of information and things to think about, very good job.

Claire Gurman at 16:01 on 1 Oct 2017

Very good talk, lot s of practical tips that I must try out.

Chris Emerson at 16:27 on 1 Oct 2017

Great talk on user identities, sign-in and how to make the most of the tools on offer in browser password managers and the Javascript Credentials API.