In this session let me introduce you to Disco, a container-interop compatible, annotation-based Dependency Injection container. Disco does not use an external configuration file but uses a standard PHP class with some meta data attached to configure your services. I will guide you through the journey of setting up Disco for a new project as well as highlighting its main features. Join me for a fun little ride to "DI done right" land!


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Definitely the best delivery among all the talks I have been to.

Very nice talk. Easy to follow and good examples. I quite like this new DI and I will try it on some next project. I don't like annotations, but I like the fact that it's using annotations from Java world and so shortening learning curve. Will see how easy it is to use. Thanks.

Tom Walder at 21:52 on 1 Oct 2017

Well delivered, good slide content - well presented code snippets.