One of the challenges we face on a day-to-day basis is getting the right and correct information from our product owners or clients. This can be both frustrating and decremental to the velocity of your team. No one likes to work on features that when delivered someone says "well... that wasn't exactly what I had in mind" But now we have Stickies! So many stickies! It's a whirlpool of stickies, what is this madness? In this interactive workshop, we will explore all the facets of Event Storming as a modelling technique to get a clear and precise mental model of how a feature is supposed to work, all using the power of stickies! As we go through the user story, we'll explain the different types of stickies, why they matter, and show why EventStorming is such an effective format.


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The experience is amazing. I think it can be more interesting having 2 domain experts

David McKay at 16:39 on 30 Sep 2017

Really enjoyed this workshop. Jeroen walked us through the entire process at a tteady pace and kept everyone well informed on the WHY and HOW, which was crucial to getting the techniques and the underlying concepts.