So you'd heard of the PHP Codesniffer and thought you'd give it a try. You set it up & ran it over one of your projects and it tells you there are over 6000 things wrong with your code... Darn... that sounds like work. Let's leave it for another day....

Or not.

In this workshop I'll help you to properly get started with PHPCS. Everyone can bring their own project to work on. We'll look at the different rulesets available, select the one(s) which will work best for your project. Next, we'll look at customizing the ruleset to best suit your project & team's needs and we'll start auto-fixing issues. If all goes well, those 6000 things "wrong" will be down to zilch by the end of the workshop & you've got a pull request ready to prove it!


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So useful. I learned a lot about how to configure phpcs and use it in my developments to automatically fix a whole bunch of errors with phpcbf.

Juliette is a awesome speaker who is so good at breaking things down into easily understandable principles, especially with phpcs.

Tutorial superbly delivered, definitely got my money’s worth and more ?