We have a ton of options for provisioning machines once we have an SSH connection available, but how do we get those machines in the first place? Meet Terraform from Hashicorp, your infrastructure automation engine. Providing a declarative interface for your infrastructure, you can define what you need and let Terraform take care of the rest. In this talk, we'll take a look at what Terraform can do for you, walking through your first Terraform configuration all the way to writing your own modules to encapsulate your infrastructure across multiple deployments.


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Very informative overview of terraform; I've heard of the product in conversation with colleagues but never really had time to investigate it.

I think this talk was spot on, a great overview of Terraform building up usable examples, but without going into too much nitty gritty, but the right level of pointing you in the right direction for the more advanced topics.

Nicely delivered, thank you.

Excellent introduction into Terraform. After seeing this talk, I have the feeling that I could get started very easily with Terraform. I will look deeper into this, thanks.

Thomas Dutrion at 09:41 on 2 Oct 2017

Very good intro to Terraform, easily accessible for entry level attendees.

The one star down is because I believe with a more dynamic pace it would have been possible to squeeze in a real quick demo of another provider (everyone is not using Amazon), and perhaps a feedback on what usually go wrong when learning this tool!

Thanks for speaking!

Iain Fogg at 07:41 on 3 Oct 2017

Very well pitched talk for Terraform newcomers - showed off the simplicity of the product without overwhelming, and highlighting some of the issues to look out for.