Saturday Social


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Katy Ereira at 13:30 on 1 Oct 2017

Especially enjoyed the free drinks and slideshow karaoke! :D

Scott Dutton at 21:17 on 1 Oct 2017

Really enjoyed it. Band free bar slide share karaoke and board games.

Great work organising it :)

Mark Railton at 21:20 on 1 Oct 2017

Loved the free bar but felt that the atmosphere was lacking compared to previous years.

karaoke in combination with food and drinks was the best part. Learned a lot about Spice Girls, Vertical Table Top Games, Time Travel or Fish Morphology :) Thanks.

As socials go the PHPNW social is always excellent. I loved the band, the slideshare karaoke, the open bar, playing games and ordering pizza at 2:30AM ;)

Slideshow Karaoke. 5/5 Would do again.