Where is the truth in sentences like "ORMs are slow" or "SQL is insecure" ? We will walk through the reasons that shaped ORM architecture, their potential and limitations. After this talk you will be in a better position to choose the best fit for you and your next application.


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David Carr at 13:16 on 30 Sep 2017

I use an ORM already but went to this talk to get more information on the subject. The talk felt too long to get to started and was far too heavily theoretical. More code examples and case studies would have been great to drive the point home.

ORM is such an important tool that needs clearly expressing to those who are not familiar with it. There were some really good points talking about and the talk was informative but I felt it never connected from the theoretical to a practical use case.

Although I'm already using Doctrine ORM, this talk was still useful to watch. I especially liked the parts on security and event storming.

Was a nice introduction, delivery a bit slow, but overall interesting