The next generation of developers are looking for learning resources, Universities are not able to provide the platform required to everyone, it comes at a high cost... Current free resources are lacking behind with new improvements in the language. Here's how we're filling that requirement. PHP School, a completely Open Source learning platform for "students" to push themselves, at their own pace, not driven by deadlines but topics of interest. Teach the skills that are required, show off your project with a tutorial workshop! The possibilities are endless, let's help shape the next generation.


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Patrick Asare at 09:50 on 2 Oct 2017

Interesting talk. Would like to investigate the app in more detail. I have doubts about how useful this tool can be for beginners vs some products already out there e.g. Treehouse and Pluralsight etc

Thomas Dutrion at 10:14 on 2 Oct 2017

While this is the first time Michael was speaking in a conference (unconf excluded), and that he disclosed it at the beginning of the talk to excuse his stress, I did actually not feel any major stress nor found him reading the slides (I guess passion took over the fear at some point quite soon after the start!).

Education is definitely a very complex topic, and a very good thing Michael did is not trying to cover everything, and demonstrate how PHPSchool is a *possible* answer to *some* of the problems.

In terms of execution, I found it flawless personally, which is really impressive given he was in the main conference room, and really found a way to connect with the attendees that were there I believe.

That was a very enjoyable talk. Interesting that the speaker was nervous (his first conference talk) but still went on with a live demo. A very well done :)

It was especially nice to learn about the inner workings of the tool as well as seeing the process of adding new modules.