Hey you, it's 2017, you shouldn't configure servers manually anymore. Whether you only manage one or two servers as a hobby or have a fleet of cloud instances, you need to consider to declare your infrastructure as code. Even as a developer. In this workshop you learn how to use Terraform and Ansible in your daily job as a developer and advance to the DevOps world. With both tools together you're able to quickly create new machines at many clouds, provision them efficiently and last but not least add your new machines to a diverse set of different SaaS services.


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Simon R Jones at 17:53 on 29 Sep 2017

Great workshop, walked through how flexible Terrraform is and how easy it is to boot up new AWS servers and set them up using Ansible. A little more of an intro of Terraform & Ansible at the start would have been useful, just to cover what they are used for / why you need the two tools. But overall a very useful morning. I will certainly be taking this back to my team to try out soon. Thanks Patrik!

Tutorial should have been better paced.

Nicole at 16:35 on 3 Oct 2017

A well prepared, well structured, and well presented tutorial.

The only suggestion for improvement I can make is to try to keep the pacing more even. We covered a lot of material so there was almost inevitably a bit of rush at the end to cover the rest of the material in the allotted time. I fell a little behind in the last half hour or so as the pace, and the number of files we were dealing with increased.

Overall an excellent introduction to Terraform and Ansible, with lots of well-prepared take-home material. I enjoyed the tutorial and learned a lot.