Composer: The Right Way


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Milan Urukalo at 12:27 on 29 May 2016

Beautiful talk. Learn to use ^ more, thanks

Nenad Kozul at 13:51 on 29 May 2016

Another great talk by Rafael! Great tips!

Very good

Brilliant talk and brilliant presenter.

Some people think "Oh composer, I use that every day and I know that". They expected boring stuff and missed the talk. They should watch the video when it comes out, to see how much they was wrong.

This is just the proof that great presenter can make every talk interesting. I use composer every single day, and I learned a few new tricks. Great!

A very interesting and useful talk about the favorite tool in the php community. I learned a lot about using versioning wildcards, the lock file, install/update commands and many other things. I appreciate that the slides are publicly available so I can always get back to it.

Milorad Nicic at 18:33 on 1 Jun 2016

Useful talk with experience point of view.