Finding the right testing tool for the job?


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Interesting double speaker presentation by Sebastian and Ciaran. Would not have minded taking away from the break to hear more :)

Great overview of possible tests you can do in you app and when to do it.

I expected great talk, and lot of new stuff to learn, but I ended up not listening to the talk at all.

Talk should have more strongly pointed out conclusions, more DOs and DONTs, less words but more content.
Both of them could speak a bit faster with more energy.

Both of them are great developers and they build two great testing tools.

Liked the two speakers concept a lot but it could use a little bit more polish to make it really shine. Intro was a bit too long and it took its toll on the end when it felt a little bit rushed. Other than that, great talk, very useful.

Srdjan Vranac at 10:09 on 31 May 2016

This was a mixed bag, on one hand you have two great people with a lot of knowledge to share,
on the other hand you had this off banter, with maybe less of content than they wanted to convey.
But by all means it does not mean that there weren't bits of knowledge to be picked up,
they were just a bit too tucked in

Ivan Dilber at 13:59 on 31 May 2016

The two of them are probably the most authoritative people on this subject and have a lot wisdom to share, but they need to practice this double talk thing a bit more. At moments it looked like Sebastian would prefer for Ciaran to do all the talking.