The future of test automation


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Best talk of the conference!

Nenad Kozul at 20:01 on 29 May 2016

Great work, great predictions Gojko! A shiny jewel to end the conference.


This talk was one of the best talks I ever had a chance to hear ever.

Presenter has unique quality to keep attention. This man share his energy with audience and I heard people around me saying "This man is so good".

For other conference organisers: You want Gojko as your speaker and you need to give him prime time slot.

I heard so much quality information coupled with interesting stories that i would give him at least 6 stars. I will buy his book definitely.

Ivan Habunek at 16:25 on 30 May 2016

I had no idea a talk on testing could keep me on the edge of my seat for a full hour.

Gojko is obviously a man of great experience in testing software, and the talk covered the present and future of testing. It was a real eye-opener. The takeaway from this talks is a long list of concepts and tools (some of which have not yet been invented) well worth looking into.

Don't listen to his "prepare for some bad English" remarks, he is a very fluent, well-paced and witty speaker.

IMHO, the best talk of the conference. Bravo.

Absolute favourite, great talk and a perfect fit for closing the conference. Good mix of things that you can immediately use in your everyday work, things that will come one day and things that will blow your mind.

Srdjan Vranac at 10:12 on 31 May 2016

This talk stole the show.
High on my to do list was to attend one of Gojko's talks.
It was content packed, it was delivered perfectly.

Great talk, interesting subject, a lot of positive energy on stage. A reference to No Man's Sky was a cherry on top of the delicious cake.

Lazar T. at 20:07 on 31 May 2016

Par excellence!!!!!!!!!!!! Listened without blinking and I remained without words...

Milorad Nicic at 18:29 on 1 Jun 2016

Great presentation and very good topic with so many interesting information.