In hardly any other area we've had as much change and improvement as in the field of databases. Just a few years ago everyone had "their" database that was used for each project. Today you are confronted with a variety of approaches and implementations.

We start off with a brief look at the theoretical background of distributed systems and databases in particular. On the basis of this, we take a look at traditional relational databases such as PostgreSQL. Additionally, we dive into newer NoSQL systems like MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, or Elasticsearch.

After that, we discuss possible scenarios as well as the advantages and disadvantages of several databases:
- Why SQL is in fashion (again).
- Why MongoDB's document structure fits object-oriented programming so well.
- How you can capture visitor hits with Redis efficiently.
- Why Cassandra is so scalable and fail-safe.
- How full-text search works with Elasticsearch.

The right choice of database(s) hasn't become easier through the wide range of possibilities, but all the more interesting!


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Srdjan Vranac at 11:43 on 28 May 2017

This was a nice overview of the systems out there, interesting topic and great delivery.

My only problem with this is using mongo as a reference for anything that is not a hobby project.

Drasko Mikic at 11:58 on 28 May 2017

Great talk, well presented, good speaker.

Awesome overview of all databases

Great talk with a little interesting history and good tips for selecting the DB.

Interesting talk. Perfect example on how to provide value to the listeners without going too deep into technical details, as many of us were faced with the choice of database at one time or another and this is a nice guide to help when making that decision in future

Very informative and interesting talk.

Good comparison of the available data storage solutions and which factors are important when selecting a solution that fits your needs. A great speaker which knows how to capture and maintain the attention of the audience.

Dusan Lukic at 18:01 on 29 May 2017

Nice talk covering different aspects of various database solutions.

Nice overview, well presented. Very interesting talk by obviously experienced speaker.

Milan Radovic at 09:59 on 30 May 2017

Pretty good. Exactly what I expected and what title of speech says.

Philipp is excellent speaker. Good point, and straight to the point.

Awesome talk and nice comparison of different databases

Nice overview of databases, easy to follow, loved the NoSql facts

Great talk covering wide range of most popular databases today. Great speaker!

Very very useful lecture. It was nice overview of major databases systems.