After days, weeks, or months of coding many developers don't know how to gauge the quality of their code. Adam Culp will introduce tools to grade, benchmark, and analyze PHP code in an automated fashion allowing developers to write better quality software. He will explain key metrics to help understand what may need to be refactored, and use code smells to point out bugs before end-users discover them. Attendees will see how to use these tools, know where to find them, and be able to implement them in their own workflows.


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Peter Fisher at 18:51 on 28 May 2017

A great talk which covered many good points. Lots that I knew already but I that didn't bother me.
A follow up talk could be to demonstrate these tools within a build pipeline. Jenkins has some nifty plugins for showing the html reports across different builds.

Adam is a brilliant speaker. A lot of examples in your talk.

This was the first time I was listening to Adam, and as I expected he is a great speaker. All aspects are very well covered, and this was a mix of motivational and informative talk with great delivery.

Some familiar tools, some new, and very nice overview.Thanks for the useful talk!

Very experienced speaker. Excellent closure of the conference.

Great talk by really experienced Adam Culp

Nenad Kozul at 02:37 on 2 Jun 2017

Great presentation on how to avoid code smell! "Future you" will be thankful if you implement what was said at this talk.

I didn't expect that this lecture will be so good. Adam had many advices for us how can we make our code better. Thank you mr Culp. :-)