Once you try domain-driven design (DDD), you will never design software in the same way again. We will start by discussing what it means to use a ubiquitous language, encapsulate logic in value objects, and use bounded contexts, entities, and aggregate roots to manage state and protect invariants. We will also cover more-advanced topics in the DDD world, such as event sourcing and command query responsibility segregation.


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James Titcumb at 13:10 on 28 May 2017

Good beginner-to-mid level intro to DDD. Only thing I'd say, I'm familiar with all of the terms presented, and terminology can get confusing quite quickly. I *think* it was managed well though :)

Excellent. A lot of information about DDD packed in just one talk.

Very good talk about DDD. More advanced topics would be nice : )

Overall, talk was interesting and I would give it 4, but I have problem with slides changing too frequently, many of which were used to get laughs from the audience. I'm all for making the talk entertaining for the audience, especially if it helps get your points across and/or keep listeners' attention, but at some point it just becomes distracting and makes concentrating on the message harder

This was the best talk at the conference. Great delivery, all DDD parts are covered and very well explained. Speaker did an excellent job. I would like to this speaker again for sure.

One of the best talks on PHP Srbija 2017. It was a good introduction to DDD. The Framework/Domain hexagonal scheme is a great mental map that each web developer should be aware of. I appreciate that Andrew shared his slides with the audience which contains a lot of references to the most important books on the topic.

Srdjan Radisa at 10:10 on 30 May 2017

By far the best presentation, topic was really interesting, because concepts of DDD, they really make sense. No matter what level of PHP you are, I am recommending this. And overall impression was good also, pace of talk, going directly to the point. I could only give best mark for this.

Nicely presented DDD for newcomers. Very positive guy, and clear slides. I guess jumping over some slides was because he didn't get enough time.

Great talk about DDD. Made my re-think the way I design my projects

Logical, simple approach to problems. It was good lecture.