Developing an application does not end once the coding is finished. Deploying it to production, and making it available to the users should be a part of the development process, not an afterthought.

Can you be sure that your application will behave the same way it did in your test environment? Is the configuration correct? What about server settings? Database changes? What would you do if things go wrong.

In this workshop we will try to find the answers to this questions, analyze some different concepts, available tools and important principles. Let's share our experiences together, and try to come up with a solution(s) that best fit the needs.


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"Practicum" - a practical section of a course of sturdy

Milan Urukalo at 20:26 on 27 May 2017

Talk was under expectations for event like this. It will be great for some meetup..

Useful for beginners.

Gave a good overview of the general deployment workflow, with working code and live demo! Interesting to see how a company does it.

I agree with Marko - please remember about "Practicum"

Drasko Mikic at 11:50 on 28 May 2017

I didn' lt hear anything new, basic setup, completely fine for side track. Talk could be better with more hands on examples. Plus 1 for not having tech issues in tech demo.

Marija Lukic at 09:37 on 30 May 2017

Great talk and practicum! It explains, what is promised in title "Handling deployment process from concept to production", with little bit of theory and practical example.
It follows general approach with few variations on how development process is handled in specific company.

Very good overview and comparation of different approaches of deployment, great examples. Thumbs up for the speakers!