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Milan Urukalo at 20:22 on 27 May 2017

Rasmus Is really great on stage. Talk was little short for this timeframe (similar one in Vienna was for 30min slot), but with interesting facts, like info about PHP beginning as misused template engine, to info that upgrade on PHP7 will lower carbon emission notable ​on global scale.

Peter Fisher at 20:56 on 27 May 2017

A great, clear and well balanced opening talk with some very useful points regrading the upgrade of PHP to version 7.

Interesting, easy to follow, learned about a couple of things that I will surely use.

Great talk from the guy who was the first one to come to this big PHP party

Cerovac Marko at 03:02 on 28 May 2017

Great talk, keep up the good work :)

Interesting and great talk

Great and very interesting talk.

Great, light keynote. A good idea to say few words about PHP 7/7.1.

Drasko Mikic at 10:54 on 28 May 2017

Short talk, good questions

Anonymous at 11:03 on 28 May 2017

James Titcumb at 13:04 on 28 May 2017

Good explanation of some new features, nice history about PHP and original intentions. Question time was good :)

Nice short history about PHP. Good info about PHP 7. And some good Q&A at the end.

Nemanja Maric at 09:59 on 29 May 2017

Great talk and very interesting

Great talk about new features in php

Dusan Lukic at 17:57 on 29 May 2017

Great all around talk, nice coverage of PHP7 features.

Father of PHP gave a very insightful historical overview of the language, since its beginnings, and look to the future of PHP.

Excellent. Obviously there was a bit of confusion on the timing, but the question & answer period was good.

Brilliant talk from "the man"

Really great talk by Rasmus. Awesome notes on saving the world by upgrading to PHP 7

Nenad Kozul at 02:41 on 2 Jun 2017

The OG of PHP delivers.
Also, listen to the man, upgrade to 7!

Robert Basic at 12:40 on 2 Jun 2017

I liked that the speaker left more time for questions.

It was great pleasure to attend this lecture.