When faced with a challenging legacy code base, tightly coupled and void of discernible structure: a big ball of mud, it is common to decide to refactor this monolith to a microservice architecture to separate concerns and split the codebase up, however without any clear boundaries you are in danger of creating a distributed big ball of mud.

You may recognise the symptoms of a distributed ball of mud: a large unfocused 'common' library shared between multiple services; performance issues as your front end makes calls to multiple back end API's to serve a single request; dependency hell on deployments as you have to release multiple code bases simultaneously and uptime issues as a single microservice going down brings down your entire application.

In this talk I'm going to cover some of the common pitfalls you might encounter when building a microservice architecture and show you how to use an event driven architecture to build truly scalable microservices.


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Miro Svrtan at 12:32 on 27 May 2017

Great talk, very informative on the theory for begginners and filled with examples from the speakers experience.

Speaker was hard to understand from time to time which took lot of concentration on following his voice, only reason I havent given 5*.

Peter Fisher at 21:00 on 27 May 2017

I really liked this talk. Not only did Christopher cover the whys, the hows, and the what if's but he also focused on the negatives and what to watch out for. A lot of talks on microservices skip this crucial part out.
Clearly he is very experienced with this topic.

The pace was a bit fast, but had lots of useful information.

A bit fast to follow, but I got some good takeaways from the talk. And some code examples would be nice.
Nice example with the balls on fire :)

Good talk on things to look out for. Gave me a lot of things to look into, lots of useful information. Obviously it barely fits in 1h talk, it's a big topic to run through.

Anonymous at 10:09 on 28 May 2017

Good talk. A lot of useful information. I wished that Christopher talked a bit slower - I missed a lot of sentences.

Good talk for general info. I would have preferred to talk about advanced problems in microservices.

Dusan Lukic at 17:58 on 29 May 2017

I didn't like the slides much and I think that at some moments it was a bit hard to follow.

Very interesting views

Nenad Kozul at 02:49 on 2 Jun 2017

I know this isn't the "Practicum", but I would have really appreciated some real world examples here.
Other than that, great talk!

Very useful lecture. Nice examples.