We will create a fun and useful development and deployment tool.

We’ll set up Jenkins on a Raspberry Pi, which will be a local CI server. Then we’ll create an APP in Laravel that will be built and tested by Jenkins. Raspberry Pi will shine a light while a build is in progress, and produce different sounds if a job was successful or not (if PHPUnit tests pass or fail).

We will have a NodeMCU which will have a motion sensor, so when you wave, it will send a request which will trigger a build on the Jenkins Raspberry Pi.


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Peter Fisher at 19:01 on 28 May 2017

This was more of a workshop than a talk. The content was good and funny in places but the execution would of been improved if the speakers demonstrated the code themselves.
Many of the attendees were trying the installation process and that increased the network traffic. This ultimately caused the talk to become quite erratic as we were waiting for some attendees machines to be configured and up to date.
Also some of the code was quite small and hard to read from the back. Dark green command prompts on black is not ideal.
These speakers were very approachable at the end.

Nice speakers but It's not a talk It's a workshop.

I think that most of the people didn't understand that this will be a workshop, but that isn't the fault of the speakers. So for all except a very few people who had computers this was totally useless. But the speakers had the great energy at the beginning, they were funny and it was amazing how they fit together. Usually when there are more then one speaker they aren't synced well, but those guys perform great together. But after a great beginning I think that they realised that there is a problem so they lost their energy a bit.

Even for workshop they lost so much time on installing things and they didn't have a proper talks to speak while waiting things to be installed, so there was an awkward silence.

Once again i think they can be great or together or as separate speakers, they just need to prepare better so the focus can be developing and not installing things.

This was a workshop and I don't have cons on that. It's just that it will be better to have it prepared somehow, than to rest it to ocase as they did. Maybe some plan B talks to fill the gaps of downloading the packages and installation process.
Nice and approachable guys.

Speakers were good as a team, funny and wanted to share their knowledge, the subject was very interesting, but only people with laptops were involved. There was a lot of waiting for installation process and downloading packages, probably, it would be better if they just show us, and explained whole process themselves.

No so interesting. This was sponsor's workshop. It was limited only to 10 users. Other of us could only look what they do.