Jenkins has been one of the most popular continuous integration systems out there for many years. It was perfectly functional, but the UI wasn't the friendliest in the world and configuring jobs through a UI or XML files was just painful.

In late 2016, Jenkins finally made it to version 2.0 which brought a huge number of improvements. From the new Blue Ocean UI to being able to define build configurations in your repo, it's a massive step up from version 1.

In this talk, we'll go from an empty machine to a Jenkins install that automatically detects repos, branches and pull requests and builds them according to the Jenkinsfile in each branch. We'll be running tests, linting and packaging applications in parallel where possible, and even running things on Linux, Windows and MacOS all at the same time!


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Milan Urukalo at 12:28 on 28 May 2017

Very brave, and very smudge live demo. The best I ever seen!

Sorry for interrupting, Laravel 5.3 was checking for "Laravel" string in test

Miro Svrtan at 13:17 on 28 May 2017

Hands down demo! Brave and balsy move, went super smooth!

I really like practical talks and this was great! Speaker was clear and consice, some vim shortcuts were bit 'tricky to grasp' until he explained them so I would suggest maybe first saying what you plan to do, do the copy/paste and then explain. But this might be just me cause I'we never seen such a smooth running demo that I see such a small thing as an issue :)

Peter Fisher at 18:39 on 28 May 2017

A top notch live demonstration!

As a Jenkins user I appreciated seeing the new features in 2.0 in all their glory.
My build pipeline will not be the same after this talk.

Very brave live demo! Very well done, and got me to quickly switch to the new Jenkins theme. Also learned a lot of nifty features I was not using. Great stuff!

Nenad Kozul at 02:35 on 2 Jun 2017

This presentation gave everyone a truly great platform to start off with Jenkins. Packed with useful information. We were all very much glued to the screen.