We all face a daily battle to write good code for ourselves and others, deliver finished applications fast to satisfy business, and ensure everything is properly tested to prevent end-user fails. In this talk Adam Culp will discuss what “clean application development” is, and how it can help us win those battles. The talk will provide practical and usable examples to, integrate into your workflow, and continue to grow into good habits.


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Miro Svrtan at 11:21 on 27 May 2017

I liked the talk but it was too long, taking almost 90 minutes without any break is hard to follow.

Intro was more oriented towards bussiness/managers than developers and the whole talk was prepared more towards beginners. I would prefer if it was more of a combination of theory and examples from RL.

A very informative and insightful talk. Presenter is obviously highly professional and he managed to pass on some of his experience to the audience.

Cerovac Marko at 02:56 on 28 May 2017

Great lecture, awesome speech, highly professional presenter!