We will look in-depth at a typical Behaviour Driven Development workflow, travelling from stakeholder conversation, through to active development and test automation.


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Rob Wilson at 20:13 on 14 Sep 2022

A really good talk. Great break down of BDD for teams.

Great use of slides, and very inclusive of different genders and groups of those in the audience. Some use of audience participation asking questions; useful to ensure that those watching are paying attention, and some good examples shown which has definitely given me some food for thought towards BDD.

Love the Star Trek images in the slide (needs more Star Wars though j/k).

Future improvements 'possibly' could be to run a demo, or pre-recorded demo as live demos do have 'challenges'

NB: The fly towards the end of the presentation on-screen was also interested in learning too :-)

Good job

Excellent talk - as someone who'd never been introduced to BDD I thought the conceptual explanation was pitched very well, leading naturally into the technology side of the talk.

Superb. Gave me a lot to think about. Thanks!