We can probably all agree that project management has changed a lot. I will be sharing my observations and insights on the history of project management, current mechanisms, and how to adapt and improve things to your benefit.

We live and work in a fast paced world so it is only fitting our processes change with them. Join me in discussing how pragmatism and a communication is the key to a good project regardless of the methodology you choose.


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Craig Potter at 20:19 on 9 Aug 2017

Really good talk. Interesting to hear real examples and the interactive q + a end! Futurama references are always welcome!

Michael Bush at 21:13 on 9 Aug 2017

Great talk and very informative, good interaction with the audience. Speaker was clear and the talk was very well structured.

Robbie Dyer at 22:10 on 9 Aug 2017

Great expressive talk. Would be good to have some more examples of how you achieved positive changes in different scenarios but the talk was very useful.

Peter Fisher at 16:14 on 10 Aug 2017

Great talk and good Q & A at the end.
Talk was well structured. I would of liked some more examples of how AI would alter work flows with some predictions for the future.