Building APIs can be easy right, we design the data model, slap some routes in and controllers to wrap our ORM access.

But is this efficient, and does it scale? What happens when our application grows to a point where we have 100s of Models and more scopes than your average game of Call of Duty? How can we structure and approach our APIs in Laravel, so that scale from a code perspective isn't an issue?

In this talk I will take you through how I approach this problem, and have been approaching this problem for the last few years.


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Shaun Forsyth at 20:23 on 10 Mar 2021

Great talk, Steve knows laravel like the back of his hand, very much a whirlwind tour of laravel and building an simple API with a query system.

Helping people understand using V1, V2 now is great, having built a Restful API using Lumen, I made the mistake of not doing this upfront. This approach is more flexible, closer to graphQL (but easier to learn)

This was very impressive, thank you!