Some things that need to be processed in a web based application can take a long time to run.
Moving this work to be done in a background worker can provide lots of benefits for the user and make your life easier as a developer.
Dan's going to talk about this stuff, going through exactly what the problems are, how to implement background workers, and the diverse benefits they give.


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Nigel Jewell at 21:58 on 14 Aug 2019

Dan touched on some really interesting areas with his talk, giving examples of how to solve a problem that many of us have faced in a web environment at some time. It was clear that he had a deep knowledge of some of the problems he'd solved and some very relevant technologies.

The main feedback I'd have is that I think less may have been more. It might have been good to focus on a single area of the problem and describe and demonstrate it in depth rather than just a high-level overview of all aspects. I suspect that with a specific focus the content could have been more structured.

In summary the talk has given me a few technologies I want to explore a little more. So, thanks!

Nathaniel at 22:13 on 14 Aug 2019

Great talk from Dan. Good use of humor to engage everyone. I can't comment on how technically insightful it was since I'm not a dev!

Piers Hobson at 08:12 on 15 Aug 2019

With his long flowing hair and big bushy beard the speaker has real stage presence along with a sense of humour. His slides were nice and clear and included working live examples, or it appeared so, and well-presented code samples. There were some (interesting) deviations from the topic but the presentation was a good mix of theory and practice giving a really informative overview of running PHP scripts as background workers and the additional technologies (Redis queues, supervisord, etc) that could be involved.

Alex C at 11:17 on 15 Aug 2019

A good talk and useful.